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Pull Down Rig Services

Bring in your car and get it on our Mittler Bros. Pull Down Rig.  

The purpose of a Pull Down Rig session is to look at the race car at race ride heights as it is on the track.

On the Pull Down Rig, you will get the chance to see and understand the dynamics your chassis is going through over a race and plan changes for next season, as well as understand how changes made at the track or shop will affect the car.


On the Pull Down Rig you can study, evaluate and perform numerous actions such as:

  • Travel and Evaluate Chassis Over Full Motion Range to check for binding or tight clearances

  • Study Bump Steer over the full suspension motion range

  • Study toe changes over the full suspension motion range

  • Study camber changes over the full suspension motion range

  • Evaluate corner weight effects of sway bar changes

  • Perform Accurate Bump Stop or Coil Bind Setups

  • Study clearances to shock bumpstops

  • Evaluate feasibility of unusual bumpstop setups

  • Evaluate load distribution across tire

  • Accurately align chassis spring ends in mid corner positions

  • Evaluate springs to Maximize Travel

  • Review mid-corner dynamic wedge percentage

  • Evaluate accurate front splitter height and/or valance setting

  • Study rear-steer and camber changes

  • Prepare for rapid testing/practice spring changes

  • Good substitute where sanctioning body testing bans are imposed


Contact McColl Racing and book a day this fall/winter on our Pull Down Rig.




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